Why BioLime?

Why BioLime

BioLime is on a mission to better buildings in America.

Like people, buildings need to breathe.

We develop and manufacture natural plaster and stucco products that mimic nature and make buildings more durable, energy efficient and longer-lasting.

If you’ve ever desired having the ability of beautifying your home or place of business – we make it fire, mold and insect resistant. You will enjoy an enhanced feeling of comfort and be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This is BioLime.

Historical buildings of ancient times had integrity built into them and were designed to sustain indefinitely. Think about the Egyptian Pyramids, the Greek and Roman Empires and even notable structures today like the Pentagon and Lincoln Memorial. They have all endured through time and maintained their impressive character into today because of this phenomenal mineral called Limestone.

Made right here in America – BioLime products are developed for new construction, renovation and historical buildings. They apply with ease and are highly competitive.

Over the past 90 years – modern day Portland Cement-based coating systems have caused many known issues facing architecture today and are proven to retain heat in buildings longer in warmer climates and retain colder temperatures longer in cooler climates.

On the outside – BioLime coatings allow buildings to diffuse heat and will not blister, bubble, crack or delaminate – even under extreme weather conditions.

On the inside – BioLime works to provide purer, cleaner air and an enhanced feeling of comfort. Because BioLime is made of ocean minerals and select natural pozzolans (minerals of volcanic origin), there is no off-gassing of any toxins.

Make your home or workplace radiate in natural beauty and ensure a healthier, better performing building that is more pleasurable to live and work in.

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