Exterior Lime Plaster Finish


Built for any Exterior or Interior environment, BioLime Finishing Lime Plaster can obtain the Smooth or Textured finish you’ve always dreamed of.
Built by Roman Cement chemistry and made to mimic the strength of a Conch Shell, superior results are accomplished with this highly unique finishing plaster. 

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BIOLIME FINISH – Used for both Exterior and Interior applications, this highly distinct product is known as the “The Most Strong, Flat, Smooth White Stucco Finish” available in the market.  On the inside, its natural beauty purifies indoor air, creating inviting, harmonious spaces. BioLime Finishing Lime Plaster is built for the professional tradesman.  Experienced masons and applicators know that BioLime Finish ExtraFine Lime Plaster offers unique, excellent workability and is the premier product to offer to their customers. Light, anti-cracking, very strong, yet beautifully and naturally timeless.  The distinct, luminescent character of BioLime Finishing Lime Plaster is built with Roman Cement and geopolymer chemistry and crafted to endure even in the most challenging climate conditions.

BIOLIME FINISH has numerous advantages besides being a plaster mason’s favored material, and an absolute pleasure to work with.  It is a highly versatile finishing plaster mortar that functions to mitigate moisture entrapment in sub-surfaces due to its natural composition and elevated pH, allowing the ability to counteract against the formation and proliferation of molds, mildew and bacteria and numerous other key advantages when compared to other coatings and finishes. 

Additional information

Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 5 in
Particle Size

Coarse (2.5 mm), Fine (1 mm), Extrafine (0.3 mm)

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