Everlasting, Natural Color Pigments

BioLime Pigments

Earth pigments are naturally occurring minerals containing natural iron oxides and manganese oxides that have been used since prehistoric times.

Cave paintings dating back as far as 30,000 years are evidence of some of the first uses of earth pigments as an art form. The pigment was applied by hand or even blown through a hollow reed in a primitive airbrush type of technique on moistened limestone cave walls that bled the limestone during the process. This natural chemical reaction created the later Roman technique known as “fresco”. This ancient art form created durable, weather proof artworks that are forever dated in history.

We use the exact chemistry to create the colors of all of our finishing products.

In similar fashion to ancient cave paintings artworks, BioLime colorants are unaffected by UV light and will not chip, peel or crack.

Achieve Everlasting, Natural Beauty with BioLime.

Custom Color

Custom coloring is a service we offer where we blend our natural earth powders to create additional colors to meet the needs of architects, designers and specifiers.

We can create a wide range of beautiful colors, from luminescent whites and off-whites, to subtle browns, to the vibrant hues of the rainbow. Like BioLime Pigments, when producing custom colors, our color chemistry allows exterior and interior finishes to achieve luminescent, color-stable and everlasting results.

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