Clean white, modern wall with BioLime Finish ExtraFine



Roman Cement Lime Plasters

The Penultimate
Architectural Finish

Cement stucco is dead.

Get out of the dark and step in the Limelight.

BioLime resurrects ancient knowledge.

Ancient empires knew that their buildings needed life-long structural protection. Knowledge of limestone chemistry was the answer.

We’ve recreated proven mortar technology from the past to naturally beautify and protect your building today.

Experience what BioLime Natural Lime Plasters can do for your project.

Endurable Lime Plasters

From Base Mortars to Finely Smooth Finishes

Cost Calculator

Complete Lime Plaster Finishing Solutions

BioLime Finish Ceiling & Stone

Interior Lime Plasters

Stunning Interior Lime Plasters that yield natural beauty and create healthier indoor air.

BioLime Lime Stucco house in Florida

Exterior Lime Plasters

Thermally insulating Exterior Lime Plasters that provide unequaled everlasting results.

Natural Pigments

Earth color pigments with over 20,000 years of proven stability.

Custom Color

Color matching using blended earth pigments for particular color needs.

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