Clean white exterior of architect-designed house


Weather-Performing Lime Plasters

Roman Technology,
Made in Texas

Cement stucco is dead.

Get out of the dark and step in the Limelight.

BioLime resurrects ancient knowledge.

Ancient empires knew that their buildings needed life-long structural protection. Knowledge of limestone chemistry was the answer.

We’ve recreated proven technology from the past to naturally beautify and protect buildings today.

Experience what BioLime Authentic Lime Plasters can do for your project.

Product Solutions

Finishing Systems

Beautiful, Durable Finishes.

Cost Calculator

Complete Coating Solutions.

BioLime Finish Ceiling & Stone


Explore beautiful finishes that improve indoor air quality and regulate indoor temperature.

BioLime Lime Stucco house in Florida


Exterior coatings that reduce surface area temperature and do not crack like cement stucco.


Colorful piles of pigment powder in a grid

BioLime Palette

The BioLime range of natural earth pigments provide a distinctive and luminescent character that is designed for long-lasting durability in all climate conditions.

Custom Color

Custom color matching is available using highest quality, blended natural earth pigments that create custom-tailored results to meet client specifications.


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