BioLime Pigment Color Boards


A single color board for a BioLime pigment of your choosing. You can also view all of the colors or request custom color matching, if you have more specific needs!

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We offer rich, proprietary color options, from the subtle to the bold. We believe color is as much an art as a science, and we hand-mix all our colors. Choose from among the standard and premium pigments below.

Please note that the color on your screen or printed color chart may not match the actual pigment when mixed in with BioLime Finish. This is normal and expected. The apparent color can change based on medium, texture, and lighting, so we will create a color swatch based on the pigment you have chosen, that way you get to see the real thing before you commit to a specific color. If you aren’t finding the color you want, we do custom color to meet your exact needs.

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6" x 6", 12" x 12"


Earth Colors: Natural Biolime White, Earth Colors: Carrara White, Earth Colors: Keystone, Earth Colors: Monsoon, Earth Colors: Cypress Raw Umber, Earth Colors: Yellow Earth, Earth Colors: Raw Sienna, Earth Colors: Havana Ochre, Earth Colors: Lemon Ochre, Earth Colors: Dark Ochre, Earth Colors: Cypress Burnt Umber, Earth Colors: Sardinia Red, Earth Colors: Burnt Sienna, Earth Colors: Herculaneum Red, Earth Colors: Teak, Earth Colors: Cassel Brown earth, Earth Colors: Cypress Raw Umber FL, Earth Colors: Greenish Raw Umber, Earth Colors: Black German Grape, Earth Colors: Corrales Heights, Earth Colors: Cypress Burnt Umber Warm, Premium Colors: American Natural Red – P400-NR, Premium Colors: American Natural Red – PT-NR, Premium Colors: Mocha, Premium Colors: Night Blooming Orchid, Premium Colors: Saffron, Premium Colors: Poblanos Farm, Premium Colors: Midnight, Premium Colors: Aegean Blue, Premium Colors: Caribbean Sky, Premium Colors: Blue Limestone, Premium Colors: Key Biscayne, Premium Colors: Bahamia Blue, Premium Colors: Coral Gables, Premium Colors: Boardwalk, Premium Colors: Green Earth, Premium Colors: Ancient Fern, Premium Colors: Virgin Olive, Premium Colors: Nicosia Green Earth, Premium Colors: Southwest Sunrise, Premium Colors: Sunflower

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