VersaMortar Pre-Mixed Mortar


VersaMortar is a premixed  mortar used for many applications such as casting molds, running plaster molds, creating stucco bands or even masonry injection mortar. It offers high strength, excellent sag-resistance, non-cracking.

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VersaMortar is a light-weight, non-cracking, highly versatile pre-mixed mortar used for diverse applications such as a flooring screed, injection mortar, wall patching and creating on-site hybrid mortar mixes that solve challenging local scenarios.

Made from marble-white quality limestone and geopolymer chemistry and used in both new construction and renovation projects.

VersaMortar can be used as a fill-coat or injection mortar in stone and earth walls, leveling screed mortar, and other versatile applications such as a high quality mineral-based binder for non-conventional applications.

VersaMortar is a highly versatile material that functions to mitigate moisture entrapment in undercoats due to its natural composition and elevated pH, allowing the ability to counteract against the formation and proliferation of molds, mildew and bacteria.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 5 in

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