Why Choose BioLime Lime Plasters

Since 2004, BioLime has pioneered efforts of bringing its Italian heritage in Roman Cement technology to the US and today manufactures its specialty line of plasters and masonry mortars in the State of Texas.

No artificial additives, no toxic chemicals, negative-zero-voc’s and completely natural – BioLime products contribute to better performing, healthier, and longer lasting architecture.

Our focus is providing professionals with the purest quality, authentic materials that are built upon a foundation of proven integrity.

Leave a legacy and build with us.

Why Choose BioLime Authentic Lime Building Products

Our History


2007 – BioLime founded

BioLime founded in Pacific Northwest and begins importing specialized limestone-based architectural finishes through allied partners in Italy.


2008 – BioLime application

BioLime begins working as an installer of specialized architectural finishes that address moisture eradication and energy-efficiency.


2009-2011 pilot projects

BioLime launches pilot projects in Washington, California, Canada, and the Bahamas.


2012 – Release “2-in-1” Bond & Finish

BioLime offers a highly versatile, ease of application Bond and Finish Lime Plaster in one product. Addresses cost, fast application, and homeowner benefit.


2013 – Roman mortar chemistry

Development of product technology with US resources.


2014-2015 – Pivot to US Resources

Completes product technology with US raw resources.


2016 – US production begins

Begins manufacturing in the Southwest. Wins Los Alamos National Labs Innovation Award.


2017-2019 Revised product line

BioLime introduces its building lime product line consisting of mortars and finishes tailored for extreme weather conditions for varying climates from Canada to the Caribbean.


2020 – 2022 Texas relocation

BioLime relocates to Texas to begin full-scale manufacturing of its dry mortars line.


2023 – Texas expansion

BioLime planning production plant in Central Texas.

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