Since 2004, BioLime has pioneered efforts of bringing its Italian heritage in building lime technology to the USA, contributing a myriad of benefits to help America’s buildings obtain true sustainability.

No artificial additives, no toxic chemicals, negative-zero-voc’s and completely natural – BioLime contributes to healthier, energy-efficient architecture.

Our focus is providing tradesmen, architects and specifiers highest quality products that are built upon the foundation of historical integrity.

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Our History


2007 – BioLime founded

BioLime founded in Oregon and begins importing specialized limestone-based architectural finishes through allied partners in Europe.


2008 – BioLime Enters Market

BioLime enters market as an installer of specialized architectural finishes that address moisture eradication and energy-efficiency.


2009-2011 Pilot Projects

BioLime launches pilot projects in Washington, California, Canada, and the Bahamas.


2012 – BioLime Opens US Sales

BioLime opens U.S. sales and introduces 3 flagship products: Bond coat; One-coat interior plaster; One-coat exterior stucco.


2013 – Development of Proprietary Tech

BioLime begins development of proprietary product technology with U.S. raw resources.


2014-2015 – BioLime using US Resources

BioLime pivots from European-resource dependency and completes wholly- owned intellectual property with U.S. raw resources.


2016 – USA production begins

BioLime begins manufacturing in the Southwest with 100% American-sourced raw materials and wins a Los Alamos National Labs Innovation Award.


2017-2019 – New American Releases

BioLime releases twelve (12) American-made building lime products consisting of mortars, plasters, renders and flooring system.


2020 – Texas expansion

BioLime moves to Texas to begin full-scale manufacturing operations of US-sourced building lime products.

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