Project Profile: Amanera

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Aman Resorts

Plaster & Stucco Contractor
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Products Used
BioLime Heritage


  • Architectural smooth finish
  • No (surface prep) Bonding Agents or Lath
  • Efficient 2-coat application
  • Cohesive / Chemical bond
  • Cooler surface area temperatures


Amanera has a cutting edge design throughout its geometric footprint.

As would be expected in the challenging tropical conditions of coastal Dominican Republic, the project required a discerning client who demanded an architectural finishing solution that would hold up to the harsh environments of the coastal Caribbean. Beyond the typical challenges of local conditions, aesthetics and longevity would be a discerning role to fulfill.

The Challenge

To achieve the brilliant white exterior color, the project called for an architectural finish in place of synthetic stucco, which had caused excessive downtimes during renovation. The client was seeking a more durable solution to mitigate lost revenues from periodical closures. In addition, the rapid construction schedule was an additional challenge, with a goal of completing 11,750 sq.ft of surface area in three (3) weeks for the initial phase (Phase I) of the project.

The combination of the brilliant white color, the aggressive time-line, and the general requirements of quality craftsmanship – makes it one of their most important criteria to solve.

The Solution

To achieve the distinct white exterior color, the contractor will utilize BioLime® Heritage Lime Plaster.

Lime Plaster in the Caribbean

The project calls for a design aesthetic of smooth, seamless plaster walls with minimal stop or control joints. Because BioLime technology does not require control or expansion joints, the plaster team will be able to hold workability for (1-2 hours) without compromising set times, leaving room for excellent work-flow flexibility. This will ensure the plaster crew to remain fluid enough to deliver the client’s design need for seamless surfaces. Waste and cleanup are also reduced due to BioLime’s eco-friendly nature.

Quality control is an equally important element of the project, as ownership contends with managing weather variations, transportation schedules, and contractor placement requirements.

BioLime further helps the client mitigate Heat-Island Effect, as well as reducing CO2 emissions through a reduction in Portland Cement content.

BioLime Lime Plaster in the Caribbean

Project Facts

Phase I: 11,750 square feet of surface area

BioLime Heritage® Lime plaster used in place of synthetic stucco to mitigate operation downtime


  • Smooth architectural surface and finish
  • Anti-cracking
  • Compressive strength: 1,500 psi at 56 days
  • Highly durable, chemical/mineral bond to substrate
  • Non-toxic
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
Environmental ImpactsEnvironmental Savings
Energy Usage6,850 kWh
(24,660 MJ)
Greenhouse gas emissions176,000 lb CO2 eq
(79,825 kg CO2 eq)
Water emissions19,150,000 gal
(1,595,800 L)
Solid waste550 lb
(229 kg)
Chart 1. Environmental impact of BioLime plaster as compared to a standard reference cement stucco mixture.
Based on 11,750 ft2 (1,115 m3) of Portland cement stucco developed during four cure cycles.
BioLime - before and after

More Information

BioLime combines the right elements to provide real-world solutions that transfer to successfully solving your most challenging projects.

As today’s demanding buildings require more energy-efficient, longer-lasting, durable results – BioLime has leveraged ancient knowledge into modern solutions.

Our international team consults across numerous regions that draw on the experience gained from in-house application of our own BioLime projects, helping you make wiser decisions in the process.

BioLime intends to make architecture throughout the Caribbean more durable, more energy efficient and longer-lasting. Made from completely natural ocean and volcanic minerals, BioLime is born from the sea, and built for the Caribbean.

Make the smarter choice for your next building project with BioLime.

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