Build your own Castle

Medieval castles were built to endure through time while sustaining natural disasters, extreme heat and sub-freezing temperatures – and made to work with the forces of nature, not against. Today’s buildings are faced with the same challenges.

As modern construction has seemingly stepped away from stone-built architecture to meet society’s demands for faster-building, the focus has shifted to building air-tight structures with a high dependency on HVAC systems.

These types of buildings are faced with excessive costs related to energy consumption and up-keep. 

A smarter construction method for today’s building challenges is Compressed Earth Block (CEB) and BioLime Architectural Finishes.

CEB structures and BioLime have these important benefits:

  • Strong, long-lasting construction
  • Protects occupants from natural disasters: fires, hurricanes, tornadoes
  • Anti-microbial / Anti-mold construction
  • Ability to evaporate moisture and keep buildings dry
  • Excellent thermal release and Latent Heat Vaporization
  • Good settlement in New Construction while mitigating cracking in foundation and walls
  • Promotes healthy indoor air, feeling of comfort and an overall wellness for occupants

Empower yourself with enduring construction and start building your own castle TODAY with BioLime and CEB.

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