BioLime SaltX Render

SaltX Render is a proprietary, pre-blended and pre-mixed base-coat plaster for mitigating against salt transport from salt containing substrates. Excellent fill capacity allows for versatility for numerous applications.

SaltX Render is a highly versatile material that functions to trap and mitigate salt transport due to high-salt concentrations in foundations and substrates and is suitable for the repair of interior or exterior salt-damaged substrates in above grade-level applications. They are also suitable for use on damp walls in historical buildings and basement areas.

Salt X Render meets and exceeds German WTA Guidelines and Testing Standards and is made from premium quality limestone and select natural pozzolans. In addition, due to its natural composition and elevated pH, it also allows the ability to counteract against the formation and proliferation of molds, mildew and bacteria.

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