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Why choose bioLime?Why choose bioLime?

You’re Covered.

Since bioLime® products are proven in historical architecture on structures over millennia — our innovative product technology for today’s GreenBuildings and New Construction projects are primarily focused on delivering excellent returns.

Our unique coating system creates a "breathable skin" over the wall system that simply makes buildings last longer

For Exteriors — bioLime® is a sacrificial, long lasting, energy efficient — and simply beautiful.

For Interiors — bioLime® creates elegant, natural beauty that makes buildings healthier and just better to be living or working in.

It is known the presence of water damage, mold, mildew, toxins, insect infestations and excessive energy demands are the evidence of unproven materials. Today's structures demand proven systems with proven performance.

bioLime® products deliver excellent results for structures of all kinds — surpassing today's demanding building concerns.

High Performance — Natural Beauty.


Yes — You Are Covered.