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The penultimate of exterior finishing

Natural, High Performance Lime Stucco

Based on Natural Hydraulic Lime, bioStucco® is used to obtain bold results that define true, long-term functionality and sustainability.


Composed of Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL), dolomitic lime, select marble powders, pozzolanic aggregates and plant-based resins.


bioStucco® F is a pre-blended, pre-colored finish plaster/stucco product made for both Interior and Exterior applications. It is specifically used in Green Building for New Construction, Renovation and Restoration projects.

The science behind the beauty of bioStucco® is in providing both structural protection and articulate, pleasing aesthetics.

The bioStucco® product line offers cutting-edge technology in green chemistry, and is a purely natural, highly durable product- devoid of artificial accelerators or retardants, acrylics/plastics, or any other synthetically altered additives or Portland Cements.

bioStucco® offers excellent vapor transmission that maximizes the integrity in sustaining an overall wall assembly and will not promote the entrapment of heat or moisture in a wall system.

The colorants of the bioStucco® finish coating system are chemically inseparable from any color loss due continual UV exposure, and will not fade, ash, crack or peel.

Because of its excellent consistency, bioStucco® is highly versatile in producing coarsen, semi-smooth and even smooth, soft finishes.

* Due to the advanced capabilities of bioStucco® F (finish coat), this stand-alone product allows a true "One-Coat Stucco" solution (color inclusive) over existing surfaces and is capable of functioning directly over numerous types of surfaces for Renovation Projects, including non mineral-based substrates (latex paint, etc.).


It is important to apply bioStucco® on a porous and breathable surface—stone, rock board, wood, cork, cob, straw, or other natural lath systems—so that it affords high permeability.

Important: For a comprehensive GreenBuild application, make sure to remove all existing chemical or synthetic paints or plasters by sanding or grinding.


Primarily suited for outdoor applications. However, bioStucco® is also suitable for indoor use, because of its macro-marble sands, which can be burnished if desired, resulting in a polished "Travertine" effect.

Note: It is recommended to use stainless-steel tools when mixing and applying bioStucco® . If non-stainless-steel or other iron tools are used, they may cause a potential chemical reaction with the natural lime by shedding particulates. This can potentially cause discoloration of the plaster after long periods of carbonation (drying.)

Mist the surface with clean water until it becomes damp. When sufficiently damp, apply bioStucco® uniformly with a stainless-steel trowel. Make the first coat a simple, smooth, troweled finish.

You can achieve excellent results with only two coats of bioStucco® . However, you may apply additional coats if desired.

Always wait until a layer is dry to the hand before applying additional coats.

Once you achieve a slightly dry to the hand finish, mist the first coat with water again, and apply the second coat.

Be as creative as you wish. For example, if you desire a semi-reflective sheen, burnish the final coat with a trowel to achieve a more polished effect. If you desire a coarser result, finish with a rubber float, rasp board, or something similar.