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The ecological solution for a versatile primer-plaster

Bio-Ecological Primer/Plaster

bioPrimer® is a very versatile plaster. Apply bioPrimer® on existing and new surfaces as a base coat or primer in preparation for applying bioPittura, bioTinta, or bioMarmo.

In addition, you can pigment bioPrimer® with the natural earth colorants of bioLime and create a one-solution application to obtain a 100% bio-ecological finish.


Cream of slaked lime, aged 24 months, sifted through a sieve of 900 micro-stitches per cm/sq. bioPrimer® is composed of micro-selected marble dust, natural earth colorants, natural resins, and natural binders.


bioPrimer® is a natural mineral product that affords high adhesive capacity. It's highly breathable and acts as a natural biocide that resists bacterium, mildew, and molds.

bioPrimer® serves as a base for all materials applied on top of it.

The high adhesive capacity of bioPrimer® effectively binds to its permeable foundation, while allowing condensation, moisture, and even driving rain to evaporate from a building fabric. Moisture will never be trapped within a structure. In hot climates, bioPrimer® will not trap the sun's heat, crack, fade, or lose its color characteristics.

Among its numerous benefits, bioPrimer® is self-healing and features excellent elasticity. Over time, this affords flexibility in settling with the structure it is applied to.

bioPrimer® is a solid surfacing product that offers exceptional characteristics for the bio-architecture and GreenBuild sectors, as well as serving as an indispensable product for preservation and restoration projects.


bioPrimer® is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications, and it's ideal for restoring existing buildings or in new construction to meet GreenBuild objectives.

bioPrimer® is primarily used for making walls absorbent and aesthetically uniform before finishing them with bioPittura®, bioTinta®, or bioMarmo®.

bioPrimer® has two primary functions:
First, bioPrimer® serves as a base-coat/primer prior to being finished with bio-ecological paint or plaster—(bioPittura®, bioPlaster®, or bioMarmo®.)

Second, for certain applications, you can directly color bioPrimer® with the natural earth pigments of bioLime and achieve a single finishing solution.


It's important to apply bioPrimer® on a porous foundation, so it has an adhesive base and also allows breathability through the wall system.

As for stone and rock surfaces, bioPrimer® can be applied on drywall (gypsum board), rock board, wood, cork, straw, cob, or other natural support systems used in true GreenBuild applications.

If you're applying bioPrimer® on existing surfaces previously finished with synthetic products, prepare the surface and remove the entire existing finish by sanding or grinding.

Glass and other non-porous surfaces provide no permeability of the wall system and no adhesive bonding characteristics; therefore, avoid applying bioPrimer® to these surfaces.


bioPrimer® is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

When applying bioPrimer®, always use application tools that are high-quality stainless-steel. If non-stainless-steel or other iron tools are used, they may cause a potential chemical reaction with the natural lime by shedding particulates. This can potentially cause discoloration of the plaster after long periods of carbonation (drying.)

Using clean water, mist the surface. When sufficiently damp, uniformly apply bioPrimer® with a stainless-steel trowel (or other stainless-steel tools, depending upon your desired finish). Always apply bioPrimer® to a maximum thickness of 1/16 inch per coat. This allows maximum effectiveness during application, while working to achieve its ultimate intended purposes.

If desired, you can slightly sand the surface with fine sandpaper between each coat. Afterward, wipe the wall with a damp cloth or towel before applying additional coats.

Add as many additional coats as desired in order to achieve the desired uniform finish, always waiting until each layer is dry to the hand before applying another coat.