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bioLime for Architects & DesignersbioLime Offers a Variety of Products


The colorful result of nature in a distinctively rich finish

Bio-ecological Lime Paint

A rich, thick-based paint, formulated for exterior and interior applications.


Cream of slaked lime, aged 24 months, sifted through a sieve of 900 micro-stitches per cm/sq. The product is then mixed with natural oils, selected micro-marble sand, natural earth colorants, and natural binders.


The natural composition of bioPittura® makes it a unique paint for outdoor usage. bioPittura® exhibits a thicker consistency than bioTinta®, since bioPittura® is mainly used to achieve rich, deep color.

bioPittura® is not a film (or layer) type of paint, since it actually becomes part of the undercoat because of its excellent penetrating properties. bioPittura® also features outstanding binding capabilities and it will not flake or peel over time.

Due to its natural breathability, bioPittura® performs extremely well in damp or tropical climates. The product resists driving rain from penetrating a structure, eventually expelling standing water from a building fabric, never trapping it within a wall or ceiling system.

bioPittura® is a natural antiseptic, preventing the growth of any bacterium, mildews, and molds, and it enhances indoor air quality.

In environments of continuous direct exposure to UV sunlight, bioPittura® retains its color integrity, and will not change its characteristics. In addition, bioPittura® will not trap the sun's heat, crack, or fade.

Because bioPittura® is a true bio-ecological product composed of pure, earth-based ingredients, it is exceptional for retaining authenticity in preservation projects. In addition, bioPittura® serves as an indispensable product for the GreenBuild and bio-architecture industries.


For new and existing surface applications, the foundation surface must be absorbent. We recommend using bioPrimer as a base coat/primer to achieve a 100% bio-ecological solution.

If you're applying bioPittura® on existing surfaces that were previously finished with synthetic products, prepare the surface and remove the entire existing finish by sanding or grinding.

Mist the absorbent surface with clean water, then apply one or more coats of bioPrimer®.


bioPittura® is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Mix the product well prior to usage. You can easily manipulate the consistency of bioPittura® by adding water. Add 20%-30% of clean water to work it to your desired use.

Apply bioPittura® with a brush. Make sure the first coat is completely dry to the hand before applying the second coat. Follow this same procedure between each coat; three coats is typically optimal. The applicator is open to unlimited possibilities in expressive technique.