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Lime BenefitsThe Colors of bioLime

Long-lasting beauty from nature

Throughout the course of history, natural iron-oxide tinctures have enabled artisans to capture vivid and true color representations of the beauty of our world.

Here we present Earth’s natural color palette for our entire product line:

Prehistoric to Present

Raw-earth pigments are naturally occurring minerals that artists have used since prehistoric times. Caveman paintings in raw-earth pigments still survive today. Prehistoric dwellers ultimately discovered that color derived from iron-oxide deposits would not fade over time.

Art historians and conservationists also tell us that the colors used by Paleolithic artists featured a foundation of mineral oxide—either iron or manganese, or carbon. Their limited palette sprang from three basic colors—red, black and yellow. Today, the combination of these hues are called raw and burnt sienna, umber, and ocher.

Iron-oxide pigments made up the basic palette of ancient artisans in Egypt, India, and China. More examples of minerals used in paintings and plasters have been seen throughout the history of lime.

Natural earth pigments and iron oxides continue to accent the arts with everlasting beauty. The luminescence and vividness of these shades accent lime paint and plaster in a way that is simply unmatched by modern-made synthetic pigments.

bioLime utilizes purely natural, non-toxic earth-based pigments to create the colors of its finishing products.