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The beauty of marble, burnished with a trowel

Ultra-Fine Bio-Ecological Marble Plaster

A fine marble plaster for interior surfaces, bioMarmo® is used to obtain impeccable results that resemble a high-sheen marble stone finish.


Cream of slaked lime, aged 36 months, sifted through a sieve of 900 micro-stitches per cm/sq. Composed of selected micro-marble sands, natural resins, natural binders, and natural earth colorants.


bioMarmo® is marble with lime, a highly stable and breathable plaster that resists mildews, molds, and bacterium. bioMarmo® beautifies with age and also affords a high adhesive capacity.

Select micro-marble sands are incorporated into this product, in order to create outstanding aesthetic characteristics. bioMarmo® also features a cream-like consistency, which allows simplified workability.

Like nature itself, when you work with bioMarmo®, it works with you.

If you wish to attain a high-sheen, mirror-reflective finish, specify bioMarmo®. This product will help you achieve a natural beauty that is the pinnacle of an artisan's application.

Here at last is a luxurious product that blends the true purpose of form, while achieving true bio-ecological function.


bioMarmo® can be used indoors and outdoors—on both restoration projects and new structures—to obtain smooth and high-, semi- or low-reflective finishes that create the illustrious, bold look of marble.

Because of these characteristics, bioMarmo® will undoubtedly become a product of choice for impressionable decorative finishing within the GreenBuild, bio-architecture, and restoration fields. Consequently, bioMarmo® will continue the prominence and stature of authentic structural sustainability.


For new and existing surface applications, the foundation surface must be absorbent. We recommend using bioPrimer as a base coat/primer for a 100% bio-ecological solution.

If you're applying bioMarmo® on existing surfaces previously finished with synthetic products, prepare the surface and remove the entire existing finish by sanding or grinding.

Mist the absorbent surface with clean water, then apply one or more coats of bioPrimer using a trowel. The idea is to create a very flat surface prior to applying bioMarmo®.

In order to obtain a high-sheen, mirror-reflective finish with bioMarmo®, the base-coat should be a very flat, level 5 finish.


When applying bioMarmo®, always use application tools that are high-quality stainless-steel. If non-stainless-steel or other iron tools are used, they may cause a potential chemical reaction with the natural lime by shedding particulates. This can potentially cause discoloration of the plaster after long periods of carbonation (drying.)

When applying the first layer of bioMarmo®, try not to pass over already applied areas. Continually apply throughout the surface consistently. The goal is to create a very flat first layer.

When the first coat begins to dry to the hand, if any high spots exist, you may sand the layer with 600-800-grit sandpaper before applying the second coat.

The number of coats will be decided by the applicator, according to the tone, depth, dimensional character, and richness of the color necessary to obtain the desired aesthetical effect.

It is possible that a rich, dimensional finish of bioMarmo® can be beautifully achieved with only two coats. More coats will enhance both depth and dimensional characteristics.

Upon completing the application of bioMarmo, wait for the finish to feel dry to the hand, not completely dry, but also not humid or damp, since the plaster can pull or flake off during burnishing due to heat caused by friction from the trowel.

Continue to burnish to desired sheen.