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bioLime for Architects & DesignersbioLime ®Offers a Variety of Products

bioPlaster® Finish Plaster

A superior finishing plaster for all projects.

Natural, High Performance Lime Plaster

A harmoniously beautiful, durable product that serves to provide elegant, natural beauty while offering excellent indoor air quality benefits.


Composed of wood-fired, ultra-high calcium lime aged 48 months, micronized ground limestone, natural essential oils and noble adhesion additives of less than 5%.


bioPlaster® is a superior Finishing Plaster uniquely formulated using innovative green chemistry.

Produced using calcium carbonate (limestone) of 98.5% purity from the Puglia region of Italy – it is cooked in traditional wood-fired ovens using a natural draft ("sweet" cooking) method at a temperature of estimated 900° C by indirect flame, wherein only hot air combustion bakes the limestone which allows absolute whiteness and purity of the product while preserving the crystalline structure of the resultant lime that is naturally porous and highly breathable.

This patient, authentic production practice makes bioPlaster® are truly unique product.

bioPlaster® is excellent for mitigating against humidity in interior envelopes due to its natural composition and high pH. It functions to counteract against the formation and proliferation of molds, mildew and bacteria. These elements combined with the absence of water-soluble salts and any cementitious additives make it the ideal choice for obtaining architectural finishes that excel at Green Building.

bioLime® Natural Iron Oxide Color Pigments used in bioPlaster® are chemically inseparable from any color loss due to overexposure of UV light.

bioPlaster®: Superior quality. Second to none.


Due to its advanced ‘green” chemistry – bioPlaster® has excellent bonding capacity to non-mineral-based substrates and can be used as a stand-alone product — eliminating the need for bonding agents or other bond coat products required for finish coat products.

Surface preparation guidelines:
Surfaces should be clear and clean of any inconsistent parts, dust, oils, mildew, organic matter, salt efflorescence, or any other loose material which should hinder proper adhesion to the applied surface.

Highly absorbent substrates must be moistened (not saturated) with clean water using a damp sponge just prior to application in order to allow the natural characteristic of bioPlaster® to actively bond to the substrate during the drying and curing period.


bioPlaster® can be used in both interior and exterior applications. It is typically used as a stand-alone finish product over bioPrimer® but is designed to function as a 2-in-1 bond coat and finish coat product — saving substantial costs in renovation applications. bioPlaster® can be used on both mineral and non-mineral-based surfaces such as: drywall, paperboard/plasterboard, MgO board and other smooth surfaces such as previously painted surfaces. The product has excellent workability and is designed for fast, easy application.