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bioLime® ProductsbioLime® Products

bioLime® Presents its Superior Product Line

bioLime® offers impeccable solutions—primers, plasters, paints, and washes—for structural finishing that achieves true, proper, sustainable results.

All bioLime® products are made with readily available materials of the earth, and they are specially formulated for bio-architecture, bio-building, restoration, and preservation projects.

bioLime® is continually researching and developing new products.

bioLime® Accentuates the Colors of the Earth

bioLime® uses purely natural, non-toxic earth-based pigments to create the beautiful colors of its finishing products.

Natural pigments and iron oxides offer everlasting beauty within the bioLime® product line. The luminescence and vividness of these earth colors accent lime paint and plaster in a way that is simply unmatched by modern-made synthetic pigments.

At bioLime® we never compromise the beauty and simplicity of nature.