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The ProcessThe Process

The Lime Cycle

Earth. Fire. Water. Air.

Each element takes a turn in the ancient art of preparing and working lime.

Something wondrous occurs when you pick up a stone, heat it with fire, add water, and form it with your hands.

See the Lime Cycle

We invite you to view a beautiful photo slideshow of the lime cycle in action.

The cycle of lime is beautifully simple: Carved from a mountain, limestone is crushed through heat from fire, mixed with water, slaked into a putty-like form, aged for purity and consistency, and then applied as a structural finish, which results in its return to its origin as mountainous rock.

Although it is formed from a manmade design, a lime structure offers fair comparisons to a mountain’s strength, aesthetics, and durability.

Lime is an incredible, natural substance, and the world’s first true sustainable building material utilized for thousands of years throughout history.

When building truly sustainable structures, you’ll discover that the benefits of lime are immeasurable.