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bioLime® for Architects & DesignersbioLime® for Architects & Designers

100% natural composition for over 80 years

We respect that lifecycle analysis and embodied energy play a critical role.

bioLime® has been a true GreenBuild material for more than four generations—long before green building initiatives were ever conceived. For more than 80 years, our products have been manufactured with a meticulous process of firing, slaking and aging lime which is intended to complete a natural cycle of life called the Lime Cycle.

The Lime Cycle

simply illustrates our motive in producing bioLime® products.

You can rely on bioLime® products for their pristine quality, consistency, durability, longevity, and ultimately, structural sustainability. Our research and development department—drawing on decades of experience—is continually developing new GreenBuild plasters and paints that create impeccable finishes—right here in the U.S.A.

We strive to help architects and designers create sustainable buildings with natural products of the earth. Lime is the world's first true GreenBuild material, successfully used in sustainable construction processes for thousands of years. Using pure, natural lime in your structural finishing is wiser and more beneficial than falling back on modern-day synthetic-based finishing products.

By specifying bioLime® products in your building design or preservation work, you'll join a tradition of dedication, knowledge, and passion.

We enjoy affiliations and accreditations with a number of public, private and government GreenBuild agencies and associations.

We invite you to learn more about bioLime® products and discover the true and time-tested benefits of lime. You can also learn a great deal more when signing up for our newsletter.