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bioLime® for Applicators & ArtisansbioLime® for Applicators & Artisans

100% natural composition for over 80 years

As an applicator or artisan, you’ll appreciate the impeccable finishes you’ll create using bioLime® natural paints and plasters.

bioLime® will enhance your creativity, giving you the advantage to be as expressive as your talents allow. Take hold of products that are true to nature—in form, function, and purpose. bioLime® is designed to work with you.

You can rely on bioLime® products for their pristine quality, ease of workability, consistency, durability, and longevity. And our research and development department—drawing on decades of experience—is continually developing new GreenBuild plasters and paints that create outstanding finishes—right here in the U.S.A.

The bioLime® assurance of quality

bioLime® products feature 100% natural composition and contain no artificial additives, VOCs, synthetics, chemical binders, or polymers.

bioLime® has been a true GreenBuild material for more than four generations—long before green building initiatives were ever conceived. For over 80 years, our products have been manufactured with a meticulous process of firing, slaking and aging lime.

See and feel the difference with true paints and plasters of nature and tradition, and leave a legacy on your next project with bioLime®.

We enjoy affiliations and accreditations with a number of public, private, and government GreenBuild agencies and associations.

We invite you to learn more about bioLime® products and discover the true and time-tested benefits of lime. You can also learn a great deal more when signing up for our newsletter.