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About bioLimeAbout bioLime

Passionate about Lime

bioLime® is continuing generations of knowledge in the Building Lime trade – assisting architects and builders to design and build structures that actually benefit the welfare of their clientele – both in cost and ethics.

We acquired our knowledge from our humble origins in central/southern Italy, where the philosophy of building sustainability is evident in their ancient structures that withstand today.

We carry what we learned from the Old World into the New World—and we share this knowledge with honesty, integrity and purpose.

With our main office and facilities in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA and warehouse distribution centers in Los Angeles, California and Orlando, Florida – we serve architects, applicators and builders everywhere in America.

bioLime® products are intended to benefit all of us—by bringing strength, beauty, and longevity to homes and buildings of every kind.

Experience the bioLime® difference.